Progressive Message

Communications for change.

Words for a better world.

Progressive Message helps communities and campaigns find their voice and get their message
out to the world
while staying true to who they are and what they stand for.

Services: Campaign literature and press releases; white papers and reports; communications
plans and message strategy; strategic research; on-demand copy writing and editing.

: People are done with wishy-washy politics, astro-turf, and big money. We win by connecting
and being authentic—by articulating a vivid and compelling vision that addresses everyday human realities.      

: Dedicated to people-centered grassroots messaging—helping communities, organizations,
unions, and campaigns tell their stories and re-frame the conversation to build economic and social justice.      

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"Christopher Cook is a highly skilled journalist, political analyst and communications specialist with great dedication to progressive ideals." —Norman Solomon, candidate for U.S. Congress
"With twenty years of experience as an award-winning journalist, consultant, and advocate for progressive candidates and community-based campaigns, I'm committed to helping progressives find their voiceand win!"
Christopher Cook, Principal

To see Christopher Cook's journalism and writing, visit
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